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The interactive installation “Rain-o-Run,” narrating the possibilities of using rainwater and smart water management in the city, awaited thousands of tourists, residents, and beachgoers in front of the City Museum of Gdynia throughout July and August 2023.

Water, partially sourced from rainwater, flows through metal shapes, creating aquatic landscapes, turns, and waterfalls. It concludes, yet simultaneously begins its course, in a recycling container. Thus, “Rain-o-Run” takes us on a journey, enlightening us about the significance of water in the city and ways to conserve it.

Accompanying the installation exhibition is an educational program offering fundamental information on rainwater collection methods and the connections between water and the ecosystem of each city. The educational program features a series of plant-water workshops during leisurely walks.

Why water?

Water is an invaluable resource that should be shared and accessible to everyone. However, over two billion people worldwide lack access to safe water resources. It is also anticipated that by 2030, the demand for drinking water will exceed available resources by up to 40 percent.

Water cools the city, regulates microclimates, purifies the air, creates habitats for plants and animals, and contributes to strengthening biodiversity. Water ecosystems, such as wetlands and permeable areas, absorb excess water during heavy rains and facilitate retention. Proximity to water promotes relaxation and recreation, improves the well-being of city residents.

“Sustainable, resilient cities are today’s hope for breaking the impasse of the Anthropocene, as well as a field for innovative practices and educational efforts in adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Responsible management of the invaluable resource, water, as well as contemplating our relationship with it and the entire urban ecosystem, should become our shared experience—let’s not let water slip away!” says Aleksandra Litorowicz, the project curator.

The project “Rain-o-Run: On Water and its Conservation in the City” is implemented by the Foundation for Urban Actions and Research PUSZKA in collaboration with Studio BOLOZ and funded through an open call for proposals for the implementation of good project practices in Gdynia in 2023, coordinated by PPNT Gdynia | Center for Design. The project is a partnership with the City Museum of Gdynia.