Squares of Warsaw (to be reclaimed) is a three-year research project conducted by the Puszka Foundation in partnership with the Bęc Zmiana Foundation and co-financed by the City of Warsaw. The project involves comprehensive research on squares, including their history, current condition, potentials, and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to integrate them into the city’s discourse and revitalize them as public spaces.

Urban squares, as places where various communities come together, are inherently meant to connect. Squares of Warsaw (to be reclaimed) portal aims to facilitate this by creating a collaborative platform for residents, organizations, institutions, and businesses interested in contributing to the creation of a better, more welcoming space for gatherings, exchange, and other forms of social life. To achieve this, we are establishing the Coalition for Warsaw Squares (to be reclaimed), which seeks to counteract the notion of squares as mere transit spaces and promote their transformation into high-quality public spaces. We invite everyone who cares about the fate of Warsaw’s squares to join us.

Warsaw Squares (to be reclaimed) was recognized as the Best NGO Initiative in 2019 in the S3KTOR Competition in the Innovative Sector category.

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