The New Neighborhood Square is a space for mutual understanding, practicing care, conversations amidst greenery, relaxation, and a gaze into the future. Founded on the belief in the constant, vigilant expansion of the concept of urban community, it symbolizes openness, hospitality, and readiness for change. It is a series of events that are part of this year’s edition of the Defilad Square project, implemented in Warsaw by Teatr Studio.

The New Neighborhood Square is an open space for meetings, mutual curiosity, and exchange. In spatial terms, it is a transitional phase between Defilad Square and Central Square, a place for realizing visions of an inclusive public space: social and natural. The New Neighborhood Square is about meetings and discussions around important topics today: urbanism oriented towards overcoming crises, meetings with new neighbors from Ukraine, as well as the recognition and cultivation of interspecies neighborhood.

This year’s edition of the Defilad Square project is unique – it is the last phase before the start of renovation work related to the implementation of Central Square by the A-A Collective studio. Therefore, it is the perfect moment for summarizing and presenting the vision of urbanity expanded throughout these years. It is also an excellent time to invite the residents of Warsaw to the new city center, where Central Square is an important part of the New Center of Warsaw concept.

The moment before the construction of Central Square is a time to implement progressive demands and test in practice solutions that will be implemented on Central Square – related to greenery, surface paving, and the implementation of demands related to ecological sensitivity adapted to current knowledge and a sense of responsibility for the common space.

The event is part of The New Neighborhood Square implemented within this year’s edition of the Defilad Square project by Teatr Studio Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza.

Curators: Aleksandra Litorowicz, Bogna Świątkowska
Producer: Anka Kobierska

Neighbors, partners: Foundation of New Culture Bęc Zmiana, Puszka Foundation, Project Group Centrala, A-A Collective, Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning.