Why can’t Stanisław, the neighbor from the 3rd floor at the age of 80, stroll through the city every day in August? What to do when a torrential rain falls? How do parking lots, concrete squares, and wetlands affect the city? How does a crow manage in the city center?

“Impulses” are conversational cards that allow for an accessible discussion about the consequences of climate change in the city. Their purpose is to help recognize the impact of climate change on the city, observe the relationships between phenomena, spaces, and elements of the city, as well as the actions of its residents. The accompanying website for the cards directs users to reliable scientific sources on climate change.

Visit the “Impulses” website.

“Impulses” are an educational and workshop tool designed for educators, facilitators, trainers, teachers, lecturers, and anyone working with groups and teams. However, they can also be played with friends or family, and in some scenarios, even independently. The game consists of three types of cards: Character Cards, Phenomenon Cards, and Place Cards, with a total of 94 cards in the deck. The standard version includes instructions for four gameplays, additional boards, and tips for moderators on creating their scenarios.

We recommend the game for individuals aged 16 and above, but the decision is left to workshop facilitators – with appropriate exercise planning, gameplay is also possible with a younger teenage group.

All individuals, organizations, or institutions involved in education can receive free training sets, and those interested in the topic can print the cards and workshop materials at home.

Publisher: Puszka Foundation
Partners: On-Site Foundation, Center for Climate Action and Social Transformation SWPS
The project is co-financed by the funds of the City of Warsaw Office.